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BIRM Biological Immune Response Modulator

 As of 11/1/2011 BIRM is listed for sale on Amazon. It is also available worldwide  from 
BIRM is an extract of the plant Solanaceae-Dulcamara and comes from Ecuador's folk remedies. There is some very convincing research that BIRM is an effective alternative Cancer treatment.

It was discovered, researched and produced by Dr. Edwin Cevallos Medical Doctor.
Oncologist- Radiotherapist - Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy Researcher.
Administrative Director of the ESCALAR Foundation.

Quoted text from Dr. Cevallos's website:

"For more than twenty years, Dr. Edwin Cevallos has studied a great variety of Amazonian plants to treat illnesses which, to date, current medical practices have not been able to make any significant progress.

Thanks to his research, Dr. Cevallos discovered unique qualities in certain plants found in the Ecuadorian Amazonian basin, which he has patented and uses to treat incurable diseases such as AIDS, cancer, lupus, among others, achieving extraordinary and scientifically corroborated results."

"The product’s effect is immediate and the results can be evaluated in just one or two months. A further benefit is that it slows down the aging process."

BIRM has to be one of the most researhed folk remedies in history. The question is why haven't you heard about it?

The article below was first published in 2008. A recent visitor (Thanks Marcia) provided some valuable updated information on how to purchase this product directly from its inventor Dr. Cevallos. I have cleaned up the older post as most of the links were dead.


*BIRM* Biological Immune Response Modulator
BIRM holds great promise for Alternative Medicine and Healing.

I learned about BIRM from Gary and Merri Scott, they conduct
International Investing and Healthy Living Courses in North Carolina and Ecuador.
See "A Healthy Escape" in Favorite Links on sidebar. Worth a Visit!

The holder of A US Patent for BIRM, Edwin Cevallos Arellano MD, has stated in the past that BIRM does not cure cancer but enhances the immune system so that the the body effects healing. http://www.ecuabirm.com

BIRM stands for Biological Immune Response Modulator BIRM was granted a US Patent on 7/31/07. It is based upon a folk remedy from Ecuador S.A. however the invention is credited to Edwin Cevallos Arellano, MD of Ecuador. The plant base has been well known as a treatment for Cancer in Ecuador.

Studies have shown it Stops Prostate Cancer Cells in Rats:

"Conclusion. The plant extract BIRM contains antitumor compounds of Mr S3500 with potent antiproliferative activity in vitro and in vivo against prostate cancer cells."
Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology Volume 52, Number 1/July 2003 59

The US Patent #7,250,180 reveals more to the story

" Disclosed are methods and compositions useful in treating prostate cancer. The invention is based on BIRM, an extract of the plant Solanaceae-Dulcamara and its previously unrecognized anti-prostate cancer activity. Also disclosed are methods for preparing compositions for administration to humans for treating prostate cancer."

Beyond the successful US Patent there is more to the story.

From the Miami Herold 10/16/07
"Mystery Cure" "An Indiana Jones adventure involving an Amazon plant, University of Miami researchers and a possible new treatment
for prostate cancer."

In a recent (2008) development the U of Miami has been granted 1.2 million
tax dollars for further BIRM study by the NIH. the study is a
precursor to human studies and will take 3-4 years.

BIRM seems to have slipped under the Alternative Medicine Radar. The fact that a Folk Remedy from Ecuador has the horsepower to manifest 1.2 million in research grants from the NIH should tell you something is going on.

 As of 11/1/2011 BIRM is listed for sale on Amazon. It is also available worldwide  from 

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