Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Radiation Remedies

Radiation Remedies...
Here is a recent wellness tip from a favorite alternative MD Caroline Dean. please visit her site for more information.


Today's Wellness Tip From the Future...


I'm being deluged with emails asking if I would recommend potassium
iodide to protect us from radiation that is slowly encircling the
world from the damaged nuclear reactors in Japan. Most of my
clients are already taking potassium iodine in the form of Iodorol,
so they would just increase their dose for the next two weeks.
However, iodine only protects the thyroid. What about the rest of
the body?

At risk of sounding simplistic, this is why I've been recommending
clay! I've been looking into ways of treating radiation poisoning
because of the incredible amounts of depleted uranium in the Middle
East. So, naturally, we're bringing clay to Dubai. Therefore, clay
becomes a natural treatment for the possible radiation that may
fall on us.

You may also adopt the philosophy that the sky may fall but it
won't fall on me. However, to even out your odds you can start
using clay. I'm sitting with my feet and lower legs in a bucket of
˝ cup of clay (blended in water) and magnesium flakes. I use LL's
Magnetic Clay.

On the LL's site you can find a specific Radiation Detox formula
chock full of herbs including an herbal source of iodine and
activated charcoal. The hot water in your bath opens up your pores
to release toxins that bind to the clay but it also allows
absorption of healing herbs. There are several good articles on
detoxification and radiation on the LL's site that I found very

Another product that I recommend for heavy metal detox is HMD
(Heavy Metal Detox) a product that removes uranium as well as many
other heavy metals.

Activated charcoal taken orally can also help neutralize radiation
as well as other poisons.

Thyme tea, rosemary tea, miso soup and seaweeds are good
antiradiation measures that you can also take. Remember, the
survivors of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the
"seaweed eaters."

How do you choose what treatments and products to use? It really is
up to you. Just read through the list and see which ones resonate
with you and start playing with them.

Carolyn Dean MD ND
The Doctor of the Future



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