Friday, May 16, 2008

Alternative Healing Update on Diamond V

Alternative Healing Update Global Light Network has been requested to stop selling Diamond V.

From Global Light Net recent newsletter to customers... "Yesterday, we received a Cease and Desist letter from Diamond V regarding our offering of their product on our website. They are demanding that we remove the product from our website and stop labeling it as a Diamond V product. I should say that their demand is reasonable and we will comply with it

GLN is a reputable online retailer of some very unusual Alternative healing products a visit to the site is an education in itself. It is a wise move for GLN to comply with Diamond V. But what about all those Ebay re-sellers ( see previous post) of Diamond V will they get a similar request?

Diamond V has to cover themselves legally however the fact remains that the product is a Food supplement for Livestock which in the case of beef will eventually end up in your hamburger anyway but is not intended for human consumption. However a similar product known as Epicor (see previous post) is intended for human consumption at a much higher price

See all previous posts on this issue and and a link to the report from the Medical Doctor who started it all .

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