Monday, October 22, 2007

Tooth Soap? Bite Your tongue.

I wanted to make the first Article posted on Strange Wellness on the lighter side. So if you ever feel the need to speak evil regarding this blog. I suggest you wash your mouth out with Tooth Soap. Yes, there is a product on the market, and it is soap for brushing your teeth. I recommend it for washing your mouth out if you do find your self criticizing what you read here.

Many experts in the Alternative Wellness field say that your health begins and ends in your digestive tract. So lets start at the beginning ( sorry, I just couldn't help myself ) Your mouth is in fact the beginning of the digestive tract.

In 1997 Dr. Gerald Judd published a book "Good Teeth: Birth to Death" How to end Tooth Cavities and Gum Infection for life. The book is on Amazon for 39.95 and has a very good rating by over 2,000 readers. Here is a excerpt from the book regarding Tooth Soap.

"Reenamelization of the teeth occurs when they are clean. All toothpastes make a barrier of glycerine on the teeth which would require 20 rinses to get it off. A good solution for clean teeth, which I have used for 5 years, is bar soap. Wet the brush, swipe the bar two or three times with it, then brush the teeth thoroughly and the gums gently. Rinse with water three or four times. All oils are washed off the teeth and the gums are disinfected. The bacteria are killed by the soap. The teeth are then ready for reenamelization with calcium and phosphate in the diet. The enzyme adenosine diphosphatase delivers phosphate to the enamel surface. Do not use liquid soaps. Their different composition is harmful to the protoplasm.Reenamelization is necessary on a daily basis because the enamel leaches slightly with water as well as the bones over decades leading to holey bones and holey teeth even in the absence of acid attack. Without reenamelization, we could never have good teeth."

Two problems, Bar soap meant to cleanse your skin tastes horrible and there are recent indications that added glycerin in the soap as stated in his quote is not helpful. The result is Tooth Soap designed with no additional glycerin and offered in flavors. One caution on flavor is not to gargle with the soap as taste buds in the rear of the mouth are affected. However if you are washing your mouth out because you said negative things you probably deserve a bad taste.

Here are a couple of links to sites that sell Tooth Soap. I prefer you try this one
Get your Tooth Soap Here because it will help support future editions of Strange Wellness.

But if you must have a basis to compare Tooth Soaps this site seems very nice. Lots of Nubian Goat stuff , give it a try. In fact just to show I am not prejudiced :-) here is a quote from the" "other Tooth Soap site"...... Regarding the Top Goat over there at:

"As queen of our herd, Classie's udder remains tight after 6 years of kidding. She continues to be our highest producer." Note there are some really nice photos of goats on this site some for sale!

There you have it the first post on Strange Wellness. Now go out there and make your teeth feel strangely well.


roseofsharon1954 said...

Dear Jim,
We are both humbled and blessed that you expended the generousity to include us in your blog about soap for teeth. It always amazes us that people find us. Our Tooth Chips - Soap for Your Teeth are steadily making their way into homes around the US as people seek alternatives from chemically laden/flouride filled products. It's our heart to see people healthy and whole and this is one thing that they can do to begin the changeover process.

As a small family business, we see eye to eye on a lot of things - we also have a lot of information on raw goat milk and its benefits on our web site.

Wishing you the best,
Rose Of Sharon Acres

Jim said...

Hi Monica
Good to hear from you. I am going to try your Tooth Chips Soap for Teeth.